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Dr Antony Gardner is an orthopaedic surgeon with specialty interests in orthopaedic trauma, particularly post traumatic limb reconstruction with experience managing bone and soft tissue defects caused by both trauma and infection. He has significant experience using both conventional techniques and the Ilizarov type ring fixator to treat complex limb deformities and fractures that have not healed (non-union). He also has a keen interest in foot and ankle surgery, including degenerative conditions affecting the foot and ankle, Hallux valgus (bunions), ankle instability and Charcot arthropathy.

Dr Gardner is able to provide a specialist opinion for a wide variety of Orthopaedic conditions, both non-operative and operative treatment to all patients from the diabetic foot ulcer sufferer to the elite athlete. He is trained in Key-hole surgery (arthroscopic and minimally invasive surgery) for foot, ankle and trauma.

Dr Gardner is a regular regional speaker and trainer for the use of trauma implants and circular frames, innovative trauma fixation techniques, and leads workshops in advanced trauma surgery. He aims to continue in ensuring the best practices for trauma and foot and ankle, through combining surgical skill and competency with evidence-based techniques to deliver the best outcome for his patients. 

Prior private practice at Orthopaedic Associates, he helped manage a busy trauma service in Ng Teng Fong General Hospital.

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Dr Gardner graduated from Cambridge University in 1998 and Oxford University in 2001.  He did his orthopaedic training in the UK before completing his Advanced Specialist Training in Orthopaedic surgery in Singapore in 2012. He developed a specialist interest in trauma and foot and ankle surgery, and returned to the UK for his fellowship training in the Orthopaedic Trauma Centre in Oxford in 2013.  


MA (cantab)

BM BCh (oxon)

FRCS Orth (edin)

M Med Ortho (Singapore)


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